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July, 2012

Not Getting It Done: The dog ate my hard drive

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When it rains, it pours. I often quote this saying:  Before people take backing up their data seriously, they need to get bit by data loss first. Oh, everyone knows you should have a backup plan.  It’s obvious, amirite?  I mean, there’s no debate. And yet, despite the fact that we all know this, we all generally do one of the following things: 1)      Have a manual backup system that we swear we will faithfully run every week… and then realize we have been putting it off for nine months when we have the inevitable...


Get It Done derailed

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Last week I wrote of how I would be reporting in on my progress on the journey of bringing DF2 into existence here. It is still my intention to do so however, unfortunately (very unfortunately) I am undergoing some personal tragedy right now. In my last post I spoke of how I love cats.  As of July 9th I and my life partner (female) owned seven cats – or perhaps it is more accurate to say that seven cats owned us.  We’ve been having some escalating issues with cat’s spraying and peeing – Tucker had been doing some...


Safety First

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Most RPG theory wonks are well aware of the implied social contract that coalesces around any social activity.  With role-playing games, that unspoken agreement to abide by certain rules of conduct becomes even more necessary – after all, in a story-based game, any scenario could arise, limited only by imagination, unlike, say, in a game of badminton where all you have to worry about is a lack of sportsmanship. I’ll give you a personal example.  I love cats.  Love ‘em.  I don’t feel that way about most animals, to...


Get It Done (GID)

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I’m going to admit it – the last six weeks I have gotten very little done on getting DF2 prepped.  Oh, I have the mechanics, the rule changes all worked out, but I got that done by the beginning of June, and now it’s almost August.  And while the world won’t end if DF2 comes out later (or never), it is my personal goal to have DF2 orderable, both in electronic and print form, by the unveiling at Carnage Con on November 3rd. It seems far away – but it’s very much not.  Consider, one should always plan to have some...


That Which Must Not Be Spoken

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I wasn’t going to write about this today, but an RPG mailing list I’m on kind of took over my morning.  A couple of fellows were talking about (I’m paraphrasing) the idea that after playing RPGs for a while it’s only natural that one’s play would evolve and one would seek better mechanics that rewarded one for more specific tactics, like having one’s PC target an enemy’s kneecap.  I kid you not. Of course, what I really should have done is put quote marks around “evolve” and “better” above, because to my...