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        Benjamin Grant is no stranger to roleplaying games (RPGs). He has played (usually as the gamemaster) dozens and dozens of RPG systems for over thirty years, from the more “mainstream” D&D and World of Darkness to the more alternative Prime Time Adventures and Shock: Social Science Fiction. His bookshelves are full of several hundred gamebooks, with over a hundred different RPG systems represented at last count. He can often be found tweaking the rulesets of whatever games he winds up running, usually inventing whole subsystems, modifying the game being played to suit the precise needs of the specific gaming group.

        Apart from gaming, he maintains a keen and passionate interest in storycrafting, also going back over three decades. He is an avid consumer and dissector of television shows, films, and books ranging from horror to sci-fi, from adventure to drama, and from soaps to sitcoms – always looking for the compelling and uplifting story moments in which a made-up fiction can inspire within us a very real human response.

        All of these influences have finally come together in Dream Factory, his first published full-length roleplaying game. Benn Grant has taken what’s best about both traditional, classical roleplaying games and narrative, alternative RPGs and added in the fruits of his decades of experience both of consuming stories and of creating them.

        After two years of writing, rewriting, and play-testing, Dream Factory is ready to be introduced to the public.