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The sun finally rises…

Alright, I know that’s a weird blog title to use as we begin some serious winter here in New England, but it’s a metaphor! For several things, as it turns out.

First, this is the first post on this blog since tumbleweeds started rolling in, over three years ago! My plan is to continue to contribute regular weekly posts on Dream Factory tips, tricks, guidance, and news for the duration. We’ll see how that goes, but that is my current intent.

Second, the sun is also rising on the next version of DF. Back in May 2013 I noted that there were still annoying errors and typos in the 2nd edition that I wanted to address, and therefore a second edition revised – or DF 2.5 as we are now calling it – is in order for that reason alone. But there’s more.

The plans is to also have the text fully copy-edited professionally, which means not just fixing errors but making sure the text meets a high standard of clarity and accuracy, which should much improve it. On top of that we are planning to add a new feature to our book that has been in high demand: ART! That’s right, the DF 2.5 will have glorious full color illustrations throughout!!

When is all this happening? Stay tuned for the continuing saga of Dream Factory’s latest chapter – so to speak.

No thirty.