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Second Edition *almost* the last edition of DF – but not quite

“Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.”

I was entirely prepared to leave well enough alone with Dream Factory Second Edition. And then I saw a typo. Then I saw a grammar error. And then another typo.


I want this to be the final edition of the game. I think the DF2 mechanics work so well that it’s hard for me to imagine any changes to them. And yet, how can I call DF2 finished and complete when it still has so many typographical errors in it, despite our previous meticulousness?

And so Second Edition Revised, also known as 2.1, is born.

There will be no mechanical changes. The text as a whole will be exactly the same, apart from the typo corrections. I just want Dream Factory’s likely final form to be a little more polished.

If anyone sees any typos they would like to call to my attention, this is the time. Also, anyone who can provide proof of purchase for DF2 will of course get a free digital copy of DF2.1 – use the Contact page to pursue that, and be sure to include your email address.

And so begins the ?final? chapter of Dream Factory, Second Edition – Revised.