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        Dream Factory has two mailing lists set up for it, one for players to share their DF experiences and ask questions directly to the author, and one for people who want to be involved more closely with the ongoing evolution of the game, making suggestions and staying closely informed as to Dream Factory developments.

The Dream Factory Main mailing list

        This group is for anyone who uses or has an interest in the roleplaying game Dream Factory. The author of the game answers questions here, as well as posts updates about the game, further editions, conventions, and all matters Dream Factory.  We welcome everyone to post their experiences, questions, comments, and requests.
To subscribe, send an email to: or use the above link to subscribe on the webpage.

The Dream Factory Developer mailing list

        This is the mailing list for those who want to help the author continue to develop this game and its accessories.  Come here to discuss the evolution of Dream Factory, and how it could be extended or made better. Or just if you want to be in the loop before things happen.
To subscribe, send an email to: or use the above link to subscribe on the webpage.