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Did the author wander into the Bermuda Triangle?

No, he did not.  I have been absent for a couple of weeks for one reason – and one reason alone.

As you know, I have been struggling to get myself to buckle done and do the actual rewrite of Dream Factory for the Second Edition.  And time is growing ever shorter, with it’s debut at CarnageCon merely two months away.

All my other strategies to get myself to focus were failing, so I am employing one more:  I am temporarily cutting out of my life all distractions from the goal – apart from a certain amount of sanity saving fun time of course, and what is required to both earn an income and keep a happy household.

This means no dorking around in Python or Google SketchUp.  No new projects, like trying to scan in a translation of the Art of War.  No hours on the phone killing time with friends, unless work gets done first.  And no more blog post updates for now, apart from this one.

The results so far are  encouraging.  I have finally gotten this rewrite underway.  I have rewritten 30 pages, with another ninety or so to go.  I will also of course have many other things to do as part of this process, such as re-paginating the book, redoing the cover art, getting a new ISBN number, etc.

In the meanwhile, I am going to have to put this blog on hiatus.  I like to think that over the last few months, I have proven I can blog consistently – and when this is over I look forward to returning to that rhythm.  But for now, don’t expect to see much as I keep my energies focused on getting DF2 done.

Thanks for your understanding and support.