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Getting It Done: two steps forward, one step back

If you have been following this blog, you are aware of the various life problems that have been assailing me over the last several weeks, the latest being the utter crash of my entire hard drive.

Well, I am pleased to report in this Getting It Done post, I have almost completely recovered from that crash.  I have purchased and installed’s backup service.  I have reinstalled the majority of my core software programs.  I have transferred my saved data back into the new installation of my machine, and I have replaced said data back in its correct boxes on my hard drive.

I think I am back in business – and none too soon, as now August is well underway.

And while I have been blocked until now on doing any actual writing or editing on DF2, that hasn’t stopped me from thinking and planning, and one of the thoughts that occurred to me is the need to write a new and expanded Preface to explain why I am writing a second edition to this game in the first place, and perhaps to (in broad strokes) hit the highlights of the major changes that made it necessary.

Other thoughts I’m having about structural changes to the layout and presentation of the book include breaking apart the subject of Karma into its own chapter it is an important topic, and the rules for using it have deepened and expanded – as well as a short chapter at the back for people to jump to if all they want to do is find out in black and white what has mechanically changed from the last edition.

Of course, I will be doing more than that – I will be rewriting any and all sections of the book that upon reflection I feel could be improved and/or made more clear.  I will also have the benefit of a further year of play of the system under my belt, so that I can, for example, stress how important it is to use Totems in play, although character-sheet tracking of Traits remains a viable option for long distance gaming, such as by phone or internet.

For the coming week, I am setting an ambitious goal for myself of redrafting the Preface and the Introduction before next Monday.  I am a little frightened to be biting off such a large chunk in such a limited time, but I have to force myself to take it on, because I really want to have this wrapped up by CarnageCon in November.  If I fail, I fail – but it won’t be because I did not dare!

So, with a little luck, hard work, and annoying but helpful ribbing from one of my friends who keeps lighting a fire under my ass, come the Get It Done post next Monday, I will have some actual and real progress to report.

Given no further flood, fire, or famine, of course.

What are the odds?